Europe Will Change

There is a concern running through the EU establishment elite as to the growing level of hostility to the EU. In France, Marine le Pen the Leader of the Front National Party is expected to be the leader of the largest block of French MEPs after the election. She has already made alliances with the […]

European War Games Planned For London

Open Europe, a UK “Think Tank”, based in London is staging what they describe as the First Ever Simulation of Negotiations that could shape the UK’s future in the EU. The UK’s Prime Minister’s position is that he wishes to renegotiate the terms of membership of the EU or at least have Europe change some […]

Will New German Government Have Impact On EU?

After protracted negotiations, the shape of the new German Government was unveiled during the course of last week. The division of Government ministries will see Mrs Merkel’s CDU with six seats, her sister party the CSU three seats and their new partners the SDP will have five seats. Mrs Merkel was deemed to have won […]