Concerns Over Future Of Local Post Offices

Post Offices across the North County, are now concerned about their long term future, due to a question mark over their continued business relationship with the Department of Social Protection, over the future payments of Social Welfare allowances. The plan is that these payments will no longer be made at post offices, but will be […]

Signage Urgently Needed For Corduff

Arguably, the best kept secret in the North County is Corduff, which is situated on the R132, old Swords to Balbriggan road. The reason for this secrecy, is the fact that there is no signage for Corduff on any of the approach roads, from any direction. Whilst this secrecy may be appealing to some, the […]

Want To Be An EU Film Star?

The European Movement have introduced a 32 county initiative to engage with young people and encourage their participation in promoting the value of Europe to their generation. The initiative seeks people under twenty five from across the 32 counties to come together to create a high quality video which they hope will go viral. So […]

Internet Used to Pick Green’s First Team

The Greens decided to select two main candidates to front their European Election campaign. In an attempt to get engagement with the electorate, the Green Party conducted their selection process for these lead candidates by using the internet. Not only innovative, but they also opened the voting up not just to all their members, but […]

Incentives for the Unemployed

Work and Training JobBridge provides for an internship for 6-9 months to persons who have been signing on as available for work and getting a payment or credits for at least 3 months. Time spent on completed programmes in FÁS training, back to education or a community scheme will count towards eligibility. Participants will receive […]


                                                                        Adult              Adult Dependant Contributory OAP (Full Rate)                        €230.30            €206.30 (aged 66 +) Non Contributory OAP                                  €219.00            €144.70 (aged 66 […]


Tax is payable on income received. It is calculated under a set of procedures established under the Taxation Acts. An annual a Tax Certificate is issued by the Inspector of Taxes. This shows your TAX CREDITS for the year and the equivalent weekly or monthly amount which when subtracted from your gross income establishes your […]

The System Of Voting In Ireland

The system of voting in use in the Republic of Ireland is the system of Proportional Representation (PR) in multi-seated constituencies by means of the Single Transferable Vote [STY] and is by secret ballot. This system enables the voter to indicate his/her first and subsequent choices for the candidates on the Ballot paper. Notice of Polling Day You […]