The Hearings Commence

The appointment of Donald Tusk as President of the European Commission, sees Ewa Kopacz become the second female Polish Prime Minister. She has promoted Schelyna, the speaker of Parliament to Foreign Minister ; this despite his limited experience in the area. A dissatisfied Schelyna, who was Tusk’s main opponent within the Civic Platform, is calling […]

Far Right Gains Ground

Hearings by Parliament are scheduled from the 29th, with three hours provided for each of the 26 new Commissioners. The vote on the appointment of the full Commission is set for the 22nd October. MEPs called on the nominated Energy Commissioner to sell his Spanish oil company shares, which he has now done. The Spanish […]

The Team Togs Out

Juncker presented his Commission line up of 19 men and 9 women. His approach to portfolios and management has the appearance of freshness. He appointed six Vice Presidents along with Mogherini the Foreign Policy chief, who is an automatic VP since her appointment by the heads of state. These seven will now, in effect be […]

Juncker’s Choice

Following the appointment of Donald Tusk to replace Herman Van Rompuy as President of the Council, Federica Mogherini the 41 year old Italian as VP and Foreign Policy chief, Jean Claude Juncker is now set to announce the line out of his Commission team. There is considerable talent amongst the new commission. Our own Phil […]