Lynn Reporting On Water In Europe

Lynn Boylan, SF’s MEP is the lead author of a report ‘European Citizen’s Initiative Right to Water,’ which was commissioned after some two million people signed a petition in regard to this issue. Lynn is opposed to the payment of the new Water Charges and sees water as a human right. She recently attended a […]

Two Europes One Vision

Juncker saw off the censure motion by the far-right in Parliament, tabled in response to the revelations of the Luxembourg tax deals. Having done so, he set out a call to arms to the Governments of Europe. He addressed Parliament providing details of his investment package and placing responsibility on member states to maximise investment […]

Pope To Visit Parliament

This week, the parliament meets in Strasbourg, and members will be addressed by Pope Francis. When a Pontiff last visited the Parliament some 26 years ago, the then Northern Ireland MEP, Ian Paisley protested, denouncing John Paul ll as the Antichrist. On this occasion, humanist organisations have written to Martin Schultz, the Parliament’s President, stating […]

Ireland Helping To Shape EU Foreign Policy

Palestinians continue to seek statehood for the West Bank and Gaza Strip and are intent on making Jerusalem the capital. The stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is leading to a growing sense frustration across Europe. If the talks are not re-launched, many EU States may follow Sweden’s example and commit to […]

It’s Just Gas

Barroso and his College of Commissioners are now part of history. Juncker and team took over the shop on Saturday last and set about work. Juncker has commenced the process of change in how the Commission does its work and how it communicates with each citizen in every country. No small task, but one worth […]

Enterprise Focus

The EU’s Committee of the Regions has launched a European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) Award Scheme. This is targeted at any EU City or Region irrespective of size or wealth, but which has outstanding, future-oriented entrepreneurial strategies. It’s not about past achievements, but rather forward looking. It will be of interest to those who have plans […]

Boylan Calls For Youth Job Focus

On Budget day Sinn Fein MEP Lynn Boylan, following a hearing on Youth and Employment in the EU Parliament, said “… that economic policies dominated by austerity are forcing young people into unwanted jobs and precarious employment throughout the EU. There is little employment available and when available there is little security.” She further said […]

Juncker Drops the Ball

Throughout the confirmation hearings, the deal between the two big groupings in parliament continues to hold. They had some close calls, but succeeded in getting their people across the line. Some candidates whom it was expected would face difficulties, managed to come safely through the process. This resulted in part from good homework, connectivity with […]

Hogan Secure

The Parliament is now in the second week of Commissioners’ designate hearings. Ireland’s Big Phil put in what can only be described as a very competent performance when he faced the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee last Thursday. Despite considerable build up that he might be in trouble, the Irish issues including Childers’ complaint just […]