Incentives for the Unemployed

Work and Training JobBridge provides for an internship for 6-9 months to persons who have been signing on as available for work and getting a payment or credits for at least 3 months. Time spent on completed programmes in FÁS training, back to education or a community scheme will count towards eligibility. Participants will receive […]


                                                                        Adult              Adult Dependant Contributory OAP (Full Rate)                        €230.30            €206.30 (aged 66 +) Non Contributory OAP                                  €219.00            €144.70 (aged 66 […]


Tax is payable on income received. It is calculated under a set of procedures established under the Taxation Acts. An annual a Tax Certificate is issued by the Inspector of Taxes. This shows your TAX CREDITS for the year and the equivalent weekly or monthly amount which when subtracted from your gross income establishes your […]

The System Of Voting In Ireland

The system of voting in use in the Republic of Ireland is the system of Proportional Representation (PR) in multi-seated constituencies by means of the Single Transferable Vote [STY] and is by secret ballot. This system enables the voter to indicate his/her first and subsequent choices for the candidates on the Ballot paper. Notice of Polling Day You […]

Still Hope For Balbriggan Library

In an exclusive interview with the County Leader, Acting County Manager, Peter Caulfield provided some hope that the proposed moving of Balbriggan Library to Gallen Mills, may not happen after all. He confirmed that a special meeting of the Balbriggan/Swords Area committee will convene this week, and discuss the options on the future of the […]

Talk To Us Europe

Europe plays an ever increasing role in how its member states conduct their business. Many countries have expressed concern at the lack of interaction with their home parliament. The former Austrian Europe Minister is quoted as saying that national parliaments had a crucial role to play in the development of the EU. There is a […]

Boland Throws Hat Back Into The Ring

Former County Mayor and well known politician, Cathal Boland has decided to make a dramatic return to politics. Boland, who has over 20 years experience serving the local community in the local authority, has decided to re-enter local politcal life and run in the upcoming local elections, as a non-party candidate for the Balbriggan Electoral […]

Your Vote Will Shape Europe

When Election Day in May arrives you will have the opportunity to vote in both Local Authority and European elections. In Dublin, the European electorate will elect three MEPs. Every person who is an EU citizen is entitled to vote, either in their home country or in the country in which they reside. They need […]

Can Ireland Hold Europe Together?

Following the forthcoming European Elections next May, there will be three big jobs to be filled in the EU. The European Parties have agreed in accord with the provision of the Lisbon Treaty that they will each present a lead candidate to the European electorate. That based on the result the Council of Ministers (All […]

About Me

I was honoured to represent the Balbriggan Electoral Area from 1983 until my retirement in 2004. During that time I enjoyed your support and confidence as I represented you and our community on the County Council and its related bodies. When I left the Council, its focus was on service delivery and value for money. […]