A Classic Carve Up Or What?

Last week when I wrote of the scramble for members of the groupings within parliament, little did I think that Fianna Fail (FF) and their MEP Brian Crowley, would part ways. Crowley’s relationship with the ALDE group has not been good since FF left the centre right UEN group in 2009, which was jointly chaired […]

Scramble For Members

June 24th is a big day in the EU Parliament’s calendar. Those wishing to form “Groups” must nominate their numbers by then. Each group must have a minimum of twenty five members drawn from across seven individual member states. There is a lot to play for. Each group receives funding, based on the level of […]

Commission President Yet To Be Decided

With the election over, the power trading begins, and so it is in every assembly where there is no clear majority. The Lisbon Treaty provides that the Council of EU Prime Ministers, taking account of the results, nominates the President of the Commission to parliament, whose vote is required to ratify the nominee. Jean-Claude Junker, […]

Will There Be A Clear Decision On Friday?

The election of Dublin’s MEPs takes place this Friday. There is little or no appreciation of what people are now asked to vote on, other than elect three members to attend a distant and perceived irrelevant parliament. Those elected will decide the next President of the EU Commission and should therefore be chosen wisely. The […]

Who Cares Enough To Vote?

The election campaign across Europe intensifies with the centre right candidate, Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schultz of the centre left engaging in live televised debates on their vision for Europe for the next five years. Canvassers here in Ireland report that there is little interest in who is elected to represent us in the new […]

EU Battle For Power Within

The European election campaign has only just kicked off here in Ireland, but the battle for power across Europe has been in full play for some time. The projections show both the EPP and the PES very close in the number of MEPs which they will return after the election. Their lead candidates, Schulz and […]

Nessa Comes to North County

Last week the independent candidate for the European election, Nessa Childers, toured the North County meeting voters in the Dublin constituency. Ms Childers, the daughter of the late President and former FF Minister, Erskine, was first elected as a Green Councillor in Wicklow before moving in 2008 on to the Labour Party. She won a […]

Good Times On The Way

In the run into the European Election there seems to be a wave of good news across most member states and it will be interesting to see how this impacts on the electoral returns. Holding the Presidency must be good for the economy as we note that many of the statements issued by the Greek […]