People are Fingal’s most valuable asset

The commitment of those involved in community work is much admired and appreciated by all. Those who spend so much of their time helping and encouraging young people, be it in sport, scouting, drama classes, clubs or general youth work, are all making a real contribution to our welfare, helping to develop the valuable characters […]

Fingal – A Tourist Destination.

Fingal has attracted its share of multinational companies, and long may that continue. We must also look to see how we can develop employment from the resources that we control and are at our disposal. We see local businesses put added-value into our agricultural produce. This is welcomed and must be encouraged and promoted. We […]

Put Life Back ON Our Main Streets

Currently the Local Authority charge annual rates to all business premises based on the valuation figure set by the national valuation office. The Council use this base valuation, and then apply a multiplier of a common € charge. This then produces the annual rate bill per premises. Long periods go by between the review of […]

Coastal Committee Required

We in Fingal live in a coastal County, yet we do not have a focused approach to how our coastline and its resources are used or protected. Currently, the County Council operates three Area Committees, based on geographic areas rather than on their synergy. The committees are Mulhudart / Castleknock, Howth / Malahide and Swords […]

Town and Regional Parks

The securing and development of strategically located regional parks is something that I am proud to have association with. We in this area have the use of the wonderful Ardgillian Park, with its walks, views, services and children’s play area. Unfortunately, access to the park is not adequately facilitated from the coast road. It has […]

Use of Harbour & Sea

North County Dublin is blessed with one of the best coastlines in the country. Our sea and beaches along with the network of local harbours presents a real opportunity – a reserve which we have yet to develop fully or adequately protect. Funding must be secured to improve our harbours’ facilities and safety. The tourist […]

Public Transport

The recent announcement of the proposed Rapid Bus Service to Swords is welcomed. However, like others, my hope is that it will not act as a poor substitute for the promised Metro Service. There are existing proposals to improve the northern rail line which we must not be lost sight of. Extending the DART service […]

Good Times On The Way

In the run into the European Election there seems to be a wave of good news across most member states and it will be interesting to see how this impacts on the electoral returns. Holding the Presidency must be good for the economy as we note that many of the statements issued by the Greek […]

Election Heats Up

The two main political groupings, whose candidates are eyeing up the role of President of the EU Commission, engaged in an election battle across Europe. Both have given their views on what makes them the best candidate for the job. The Lisbon Treaty suggests that the candidate from the party grouping which has the greatest […]

EU Tested On World Stage

Has the European Union over played its hand? It seems that when soft encouragement was given to those in Ukraine, who favoured closer ties with the EU, no end game was considered. The Ukraine government fell and was replaced without elections. Russia reacted and so Ukraine is divided. It was clear from the start of […]