I was honoured to represent the Balbriggan Electoral Area from 1983 until my retirement in 2004. During that time I enjoyed your support and confidence as I represented you and our community on the County Council and its related bodies.

When I left the Council, its focus was on service delivery and value for money. Sadly, it seems to me that its focus today has moved to somewhere else.

The Local Authority should exist to provide services, maintain and develop amenities and in general promote the best interest of the area. It should also be focused on making Fingal the best possible place in which to work and live.

Our area should be well positioned to benefit from a national economic upturn. Fingal is capable of attracting foreign investment and multinationals to locate here. We also have a real opportunity to grow our own local economy by supporting the ongoing development of the agricultural sector and related food processing. We can also create real sustainable jobs here through the proper development of our natural and historic resources.

We as a community must take the initiative and ensure that our district is developed. Together we must protect the integrity of the area to maintain the best of what we have inherited, maximising the benefit for those who live here today. In turn, we must also make it a great place to live for future generation too.

The Local Authority should help in developing strong communities creating conditions that help us all look after one another. The Council should make decisions that ensure the assets of the county are used to the advantage of every resident, young and old. These decisions should focus on providing better services, more employment opportunities and attracting more investment to the area. I’m passionate to ensure the Council face these challenges and make the decisions to allow us all to prosper.
Should you have a Special Project or concern for you or your community, I’d be pleased to hear from you.