On Budget day Sinn Fein MEP Lynn Boylan, following a hearing on Youth and Employment in the EU Parliament, said “… that economic policies dominated by austerity are forcing young people into unwanted jobs and precarious employment throughout the EU. There is little employment available and when available there is little security.” She further said “Young people and their families are also devastated by the scourge of emigration. It is not only Ireland that has suffered in this regard, but as the poster-boy for austerity we are certainly the worst affected.”
Last Friday, speaking at the EPP’s Economic Ideas Forum, held in Slovakia, Brian Hayes the Fine Gael MEP called for “enhanced non-bank lending” going on to say that countries who have come through significant restructuring (like Ireland), can come out the other side.
As Ireland took to the streets to protest against Water Charges, some 400,000 people across Europe have signed on-line petitions against the EU US Trade deal (TTIP) many of them also street protesting. Irish activists say that proposed elements of the deal would have a damaging impact on Irish food standards, workers’ rights, public services along with digital information security. Those in favour, speak of the impact that other agreements have had in developing markets for Europe.
There are rumours of conflict within Juncker’s designated Commissioners on the provision within TTIP of dispute resolutions, relating to investments.
Some say that there may be a resignation from amongst the Commissioner nominees.
This would further add to Juncker’s problems in getting his Commission adopted by Parliament in time to take office on November 1st. Prime Minister Miro Cerar, on the withdrawal of the Slovenian commissioner designate, immediately nominated Violeta Bulc, his relatively inexperienced deputy PM, who first took political office a few short weeks ago. Whilst this maintained the ratio of females amongst the Commissioners, it forced Juncker to promote his Transport and Space nominee to the vacated VP for Energy position and placing his new commissioner designate in the Transport portfolio.