Who Cares Enough To Vote?

The election campaign across Europe intensifies with the centre right candidate, Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schultz of the centre left engaging in live televised debates on their vision for Europe for the next five years. Canvassers here in Ireland report that there is little interest in who is elected to represent us in the new parliament. These reports are in keeping with an Ipsos-MORI poll conducted across twelve member states, with some 9,000 respondents which suggests that 62 per cent state they are either “not at all” or not much interested in the elections, with only 35 per cent stating that they will definitely vote. The percentage turn out in Ireland will most likely be in the late 40s, due to the holding of the local elections on the same day.
Other surveys suggest that circa 220 of the members elected will come from anti-EU parties. This will perhaps polarise the parliament and squeeze those reformers who are currently the middle ground. Both candidates, Juncker and Schulz concede that reform of the structures and operation of the EU will happen. Both confirm that under their leadership the issue of migration will be addressed. They also confirm that in doing this, they will respect freedom of movement.
What happens in Europe is important to us here in Ireland. It is important that we have representation from those who are capable and who not only have the skill to work within the system, but who also have the ability to help mould a better EU for us all. So don’t forget to vote on the 23rd. I am looking forward to the results flowing in from across the 28 states when polling closes across Europe on the 25th.