Work and Training

JobBridge provides for an internship for 6-9 months to persons who have been signing on as available for work and getting a payment or credits for at least 3 months. Time spent on completed programmes in FÁS training, back to education or a community scheme will count towards eligibility. Participants will receive €50 per week on top of their SW benefit payment.

JobPlus is there to help those who have been 12 months out of work. It gives an employer who recruits you a €72 per week subsidy for 2 years, provided that the job provides work for at least 30 hrs. over 4 days per week. Persons who have been 12 months out of work retain GP cover for 3 years following their return to work.

SpringBoard provides free part-time certificate, degree or post-graduate courses in Institutes of Education to those signing on at the time of commencing and allows retention of welfare payments.

Community Employment offers up to 20 hrs. work per week for 12 months to people aged 25 or over who have been on Social Welfare for 12 months and have worked no more than 30 days in the year. The allowance paid is €208 which is €20 over Social Welfare rate. The period of participation can be extended in certain cases. Tús can be offered to persons of similar eligibility but can be offered to persons of 25 and under.

Back to Education Allowance (From Department of Social Protection) or a VTOS Allowance (From ETBs) is available if you are undertaking a full-time course leading to a recognised certificate at second, third or post graduate level and you are

At least 21 years of age, for second and third level, or if out of education for two years aged 18 plus. For Post graduate you must be 24 plus.

On Social Welfare for at least 3 months for second level, 6 months for VTOS and 9 months for Third Level or immediately if you lose your job and get statutory redundancy.

Participants aged 25 or under on these schemes receive a minimum payment of €160 BTEA/VTOS.

Application for a waiver of the Student Contribution under the third level grant must be made.

Part-time VTOS options can be taken up without affecting entitlements subject to approval.