Lynn Boylan, SF’s MEP is the lead author of a report ‘European Citizen’s Initiative Right to Water,’ which was commissioned after some two million people signed a petition in regard to this issue. Lynn is opposed to the payment of the new Water Charges and sees water as a human right.
She recently attended a conference on water pricing that was hosted by Aqua Publica Europea, after which she slammed the European Commission, after a representative of the institution asserted that Irish people don’t understand that they have to pay for water.
She said: “The Commission is once again demonstrating its arrogance. Irish people understand perfectly well what is happening in Ireland with the water charges. Irish people are so aware that they are refusing to pay for water twice. We already pay for our water through general taxation and the wholly inept and shambolic entity that is Irish Water has also been funded by Irish taxpayers.”
“The Irish government alludes to conservation being a factor in the introduction of this tax. It is appalling that 40 per cent of domestic water is being lost through leaking pipes. Instead of the government investing in the aged and decrepit infrastructure, it has spent half a billion euro of the National Pension Reserve Fund, in setting up a quango that is not fit for purpose and in the installation of water meters,” she continued.
It’s good to see our MEPs playing an important part in the development of policy in Europe, and one can expect that the Commission will get a pretty strong report from her. Just as the Government has gotten itself in real trouble setting up Irish Water in compliance with the dictates of Europe, we note that the Commission has extended by three months, the period in which France Belgium and Italy are required to demonstrate that they are working to bring their budgets into line with Budget rules.
The big question is will three months be enough, or will some further fudging of the margins be required. Berlusconi the former Italian PM thinks so, as he announces that the creation of a second currency is required thereby allowing Italy regain part of monetary sovereignty. What he means is money they can print themselves.