CSU MEP, Manfred Weber was elected as the new President of the EPP Group. An MEP for the past 10 years, Mr. Weber is an experienced politician. His first task will be to ensure that his man, Jean-Claude Juncker becomes the Commission President. In support of this, Weber states that the EPP won the election, and that Juncker, as their “Spitzenkandidat” (lead candidate) is the democratic choice for the role. The EPP group does not have a majority in the parliament. There is a considerable rump of Prime Ministers, who are making it difficult for the Council of PMs to nominate Juncker. They say he is too conformist and wants only a bigger controlling EU. There are many names now floating about, most from outside the EU system, who have considerable CVs to support their claim. Parliament is insistent that the Council may nominate a candidate, based on the results of the elections, but that under the Lisbon Treaty, it falls to them to formally elect the president. They are of the view that, as Juncker represented the Group with won most votes, that he must have the first opportunity to see if he can get a majority. But what if he fails to do so? Surely then the logic is that the next Spitzenkandidat should be afforded the opportunity to find a majority. That Spitzenkandidat is Schulz, should he also fail to find a majority, then it may be time to look outside those who the political process presented to the European voter as their candidate for this key role. That is, if you accept what the politicians told us about the Lisbon Treaty which, if adopted, would result in a more open and transparent Europe. Just to reassure you in respect of reform and transparency, the vote in parliament on
the President will be in secret.