Europe plays an ever increasing role in how its member states conduct their business. Many countries have expressed concern at the lack of interaction with their home parliament. The former Austrian Europe Minister is quoted as saying that national parliaments had a crucial role to play in the development of the EU. There is a very definite lack of connectivity between the centre and the citizen. This appears to be the case across the entire community.

Despite the use of the considerable resources available in communication technology, Europe has failed to get engagement from those it serves. This may be the fault of those charged with the running of the Commission and Parliament, it may be the fault of the citizen. For many, all too often it is easier not to take the time to question what is going on. Will the Commission and its constituent parts make a breakthrough in the run into the European Elections, now scheduled for May the 23rd? Last autumn, the EU launched a programme designed to get engagement. Their blurb says “Communicating with local and regional voters” their headline tag is “Act, React. Impact”.

I have an above average interest in European issues, but since the launch and an invitation to a Brussels based conference last November, I have seen no marketing of the initiative on the ground.

If Europe is serious, it must engage with the people. That means putting the message out there. Using marketing which reaches the ordinary people. I encourage you all to vote, but I demand that Europe gets real and drives its massage through the proper use of marketing.