harbourNorth County Dublin is blessed with one of the best coastlines in the country. Our sea and beaches along with the network of local harbours presents a real opportunity – a reserve which we have yet to develop fully or adequately protect.

Funding must be secured to improve our harbours’ facilities and safety. The tourist attractions along with the beaches & sea must be capitalised on. Continued discharge of raw effluent at Loughshinney is unacceptable. Resolution of the land acquisition issues which have stalled this scheme must be resolved as a matter of urgency, thereby permitting the connection of the village to the Barnagerra sewerage treatment plant.

Problems still exist in Rush, with some estates on the periphery of the town still functioning on private treatment plants operated by developers pending their connection to the plant at Portrane. My understanding is that that work will not be undertaken in the current year. These works are important to us all. We must ensure clean bathing water along with improved facilities and costal management to secure and maintain Blue Flag status on all our beaches.
The tourist and local recreational value of the sea must also form part of our plans to have Fingal develop as the prime location for fun and enjoyment, catering to the needs of tourists and resident alike.