The European Movement have introduced a 32 county initiative to engage with young people and encourage their participation in promoting the value of Europe to their generation. The initiative seeks people under twenty five from across the 32 counties to come together to create a high quality video which they hope will go viral.
So do you want to have your say? Or have a story, concern or issue or a desire to influence the upcoming election. Then this might be your opportunity to become a star.
The intention is to bring participants together for a day of training and filming at one of four locations, these are Belfast, Galway, Cork and Dublin. During the day, participants will decide what the video should look like and receive basic training to prepare them for appearing before the camera.
When the video is completed and professionally edited, screenings will be held at the four production cities. The invitees will, of course be the “Stars” their families and friends along with the European Election Candidates. After the screening a question and answers session will be held allowing the audience put their points to the candidates.
So if you want a chance to be a STAR go to the website of the European Movement before March 3rd. You can down load an application form and get full details. If you are selected to participate in the project let us know so that we can share your experience with our readers. The gig sounds like it might be fun, even if politics is not the light of your life.